Grote Looiersstraat 7, 6211 JH Maastricht

About Us

BLEND’S mission is to serve people who crave unique flavors, experiences, and ideas while creating opportunities for chefs to showcase their creativity. We are commited to Make sure you feel relaxed and welcome.

Our Story

At BLEND, we are always making progress. In the field of food and drink, but also in the field of hospitality. We like to follow trends and give it our own twist. Standing still is going backwards. Investing in and challenging our staff to bring out the best in themselves is what we enjoy doing. This reflects on our business formula and has a positive influence on the visit of our guests. Every day we try to perform to the best of our ability to put the most beautiful (lunch) dishes, wines and cocktails on the table and to serve our guests optimally.

BLEND stands for mixing. This translates into a varied, fine dining, menu, a balanced wine list and delicious cocktails.

BLEND for breakfast, lunch, drinks, dinner and lounge.

Creative & Exciting Cuisine

Our kitchen team consists of a passionate team of chefs. They use products from all over the world to bring beautifully balanced dishes (BLENDS) to the table. Our chefs are challenged to let their creativity fly. That is why the menu changes regularly and chef’s specials will be used. BLEND stands for innovating and training new talents in the kitchen. Our kitchen masters are dedicated to training people to become professional chefs.

The Team

The BLEND team is supervised by experienced chefs and bartenders. In our philosophy, experience and age are not the most important thing. Standing still is regression, learning and growing is progress. We are therefore looking for people who are open to learning and growing in life and in the profession. Combine this with all the experience within BLEND and you have a combination that leads to very beautiful things.

Opening Hours


Tuesday – Sunday
12.00 – 00.00

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Our Address

Grote Looiersstraat 7,
6211 JH Maastricht



Grote Looierstraat 7, 6211 JH Maastricht
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